Bidirectional Iterator LOGN

Category: iterators
Component type: concept


A Bidirectional Iterator LOGN is an iterator that can be both incremented and decremented. The requirement that a Bidirectional Iterator LOGN can be decremented (in logarithmic time) is the only thing that distinguishes Bidirectional Iterators LOGN from Forward Iterators.

A Bidirectional Iterator LOGN is identical to a Bidirectional Iterator except that the performance requirement has been changed to logarithmic time when decrementing. Incrementing remains a constant time operation.

Refinement of

Forward Iterator

Associated types

The same as for Forward Iterator.


X A type that is a model of Bidirectional Iterator LOGN
T The value type of X
i, j Object of type X
t Object of type T


Valid expressions

In addition to the expressions defined in Forward Iterator, the following expressions must be valid.

Name Expression Type requirements Return type
Predecrement --i   X&
Postdecrement i--   X

Expression Semantics

Semantics of an expression is defined only where it is not defined in Forward Iterator.

Name Expression Precondition Semantics Postcondition
Predecrement --i i is dereferenceable or past-the-end. There exists a dereferenceable iterator j such that i == ++j. i is modified to point to the previous element. i is dereferenceable. &i = &--i. If i == j, then --i == --j. If j is dereferenceable and i == ++j, then --i == j.
Postdecrement i-- i is dereferenceable or past-the-end. There exists a dereferenceable iterator j such that i == ++j. Equivalent to
  X tmp = i;
  return tmp;

Complexity guarantees

The complexity of decrement operations on bidirectional iterators is guaranteed to be amortized logarithmic time.


Symmetry of increment and decrement If i is dereferenceable, then ++i; --i; is a null operation. Similarly, --i; ++i; is a null operation.



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